Dedicated to singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn and his song, “Lord of the Starfields”, the words of which appear here in italics.

wondering what to write

is it possible to find words for glory seen

smelled, sniffled allergies and all

life growing everywhere, sultry wind

soothing, bringing to life in me

gratitude, awe, wonder —

wings of the storm cloud

beginning and end

You make my heart leap

Like a banner in the wind.

all creation gives thanks, me too.

taking time to lay down and watch new life

blowing around blue skies

seems impossible after winter past

and all its sorrows and calamities.

smell now of barbecues and lilacs

whetting appetites for backyard gatherings

food and loved ones.

Lord of the star fields

Sower of life

Heaven and Earth are

Full of your light

all creation gives thanks, me too.

light is here before my morning eyes open

light stays late, sets slow,

star-shine takes over, wooing me

into conversation with the

Lord of the star fields,

Ancient of Days

Universe Maker,

here’s a song in your praise…

all creation gives thanks, me too.

critter cries, a pentecost symphony

clattering chirps and barks and howls

speaking from where they are

that life has come back again

together they sing

Sower of life

heaven and earth are

full of your light.

all creation gives thanks, me too.

want to stay here, right here

forever in this glowing life

with creation and its creatures

growing, full of life

Oh, Love that fires the sun,

keep me burning.

Summer, stay!

all creation gives thanks, me too.

Peter Hawkinson

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