20 Questions

Hello Winnetka Covenant,

I’m going to do something different today than write my normal blog post.  I want to point you to a Youtube video series called “20 Questions” that we have created on our “Winnetka Covenant Youth Ministry” Youtube channel (note, this is different than our main church Youtube channel.)

It’s simple and straight forward; each week one of our students answers 20 questions about themselves and we upload the interview so other students, leaders and members of our church can learn more about them.  In this time of physical distance, we want to stay socially connected- as a youth group and as a church community all together.  

So please click the link below and watch one of the ten interviews from our awesome students!  You can learn something about a child/grandchild of one of the church families you know or get to know a child from a family that you might not have met yet.  New videos are posted every Friday so stay tuned for more “20 Questions” videos.


Pastor Joel

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