God Reflectors

During this Pandemic, animal shelters have emptied out. For those of us who are blessed to live with pets, this is no surprise. There is little more comforting than the love of these holy companions, who in so many ways reflect God’s love for us.

For us, as you know, Silas, our Labrador retriever, has travelled with us through life’s ups and downs now for almost 13 years. His dog metabolism finds him aged 90 now; his powerful back hips now betray him. We treasure each day, each moment with him, knowing that time will soon bring us to goodbye. The wonder of life’s loving leads us to grieving it’s loss. But what would life be for us without such love, after all?

More than anything, we see and experience the love of God for us through these creatures of his making, as Wendy Francisco says so well in her hymn/poem “God and Dog”:

I look up and I see God
I look down and see my dog
Simple spelling…GOD
same word backwards, DOG
they would stay with me all day
I’m the one who walks away
But both of them just wait for me
And dance act my return with glee
Both love me no matter what
Divine God and canine mutt
I take it hard each time I fail
But God forgives, dog wags his tail
God thought up and made the dog
Dog reflects a part of God
I’ve seen love from both sides now
It’s everywhere, amen, bow wow 
I look up and I see God
I look down and see my Dog
and in my human frailty
I can’t match their love for me

Thanks be to God for these companions along the way.

(This reflection is dedicated to the memory of Trygg Magnusson, who passed away earlier this week)

Peter Hawkinson



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