The Good Old Days

“I miss the good old days…”

It’s a phrase we have most certainly heard of before, if not uttered ourselves.

We’ve probably heard someone say: “I miss the good old days of drive-in hot dogs and root beer floats.”

I can get behind that; there’s something special about eating your meal on the hood of your car with your family. Whether your drive-in was A&W or Sonic or a mom and pop joint- it was a good time!

We’ve also probably heard someone say: “I miss the good old days when we we could hug a friend and go to a sports stadium or a concert with thousands of other fans and not think twice about it.”

Amen to that! Covid-19 has changed how we interact with loved ones and strangers alike, and it can be very difficult to adjust. I’m thankful that we have adapted though, because of the lives that we can save by wearing a mask and physically distancing ourselves in this time.

But you want to know the good old days that I miss the most…

I miss the good old days when I was newly committed disciple of Christ and the passion for the work of the Kingdom was so fresh!

I miss being a high school kid at camp, who just prayed with my counselor in chapel to have Jesus Christ be the Lord of life. There is something so beautiful about that time, about that posture, about that mindset.

As we get older and more removed from the beginning of our commitment to a faith journey with our Creator, it can be easy to become jaded. We see people do things that are against the will of God, all while claiming to be Christ followers.

We learn that life can be mundane, can be painful, can be complicated. We are faced with the reality that we don’t have all the answers- something that are world is terrified to admit.

Matthew 18:2-3, “He (Jesus) called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: ‘I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'”

Now I know all of us did not come to faith as children, but I want us to go back into our minds to when we first committed our lives to Christ. My hope for us today is that we could get closer to that faith & not stray away from it. My prayer is that we would be reminded of God’s transformational love that we experienced for the first time. My invitation to us today, and everyday, is to keep going back to this faith and never forget the good old days.

-Pastor Joel

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